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be looked upon more as witnesses to their own crimes and treated the way they should be treated, as victims, and as U-S citizens who have had things

done to them.". Victim's advocates hope this report can be a roadmap to help trafficking survivors, and prevent others from entering "the life.". I hope that we can all get behind the idea that when individuals have a safety net, they are less vulnerable to exploitation. They forced us to do sexual things to them and if you tell anybody, you'll have your son taken away from you. Were going after the sex traffickers as opposed to just publicizing the prostitution arrests and publicizing these womens names. As a community, we should be focusing our energy on helping those being exploited and trafficked as they are being victimized within our community, and it is our job to keep one another safe, she said. From my own failed attempts at entering the sex business as well as my work with women escaping the industry, I can tell you the average girl next door is often hiding secrets you would never know. If she is fearful that if she doesnt engage in prostitution, she or someone else will be harmed or property will be damaged, that qualifies as an affirmative defense, he said. "I didn't know what it was. So why am I telling you this? So, Sprague said, if we want to stop trafficking, Augusta needs to do more to fight poverty. So I did what many a young women in need of money has done for years except that my career as a sex worker never got off the ground. Businesses complained about prostitution outside their stores. HuffPo piece does not speak well of our future as a nation but thats a post for another time. They were booked at the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn, their faces and names publicized by police. "I remember waking up at home, and my knees hurt but they were - I could walk, and I was fine. About a year after she was forced into prostitution, two of her purchasers dropped her on the ground and dislocated her knees. If someone has been convicted of that crime within a two-year period, though, jail time is possible, he said. "I didn't know what it was called Grant said. They have a story like everybody else.". Maine law says anyone compelled to engage in sex for money isnt guilty. When her family moved back to Maine when she was 12, she started dating a boy four years older than she was. When my marriage ended I was fortunate that I actually had a job, I seem to recall it paid something like 10 an hour and this was back in about 1994 so while it wasnt a fortune, it was enough to eke out a living. A john in a car in an alley who pays for a 20 blow job is the same as a refined gentleman who pays 500 for a show and dinner but at the end of the date expects to get blowed on satin sheets. So what happens to young women like Grant that make them enter the life? Officers asked each woman why she was on the street, whether someone had been compelling her to get cash for sex, then sent them to meet with an advocate, offered shelter and snacks and let the women, who ranged in age from 22. Sprague said knowing, for instance, that being a victim of child sexual abuse or growing up in foster care increases your risk of being trafficked means advocates and the state can work on prevention with that specific group of people. Keller said law enforcement is increasingly making a change, too, no longer seeing sex workers as criminals. I just knew it was wrong.". The treatment was starkly different from the men arrested the last few weeks downtown for allegedly engaging prostitutes or, in these cases, undercover agents posing as sex workers. I had none of that coaching Grant said. "These are women who have experienced sexual trauma and you, essentially, when you purchase sex with them, you are making that trauma worse he said. Walsh understands the perception on the street. Keller said he not only wants to go after pimps, but also the johns because prostitution is not, in fact, a victimless crime.

female Races, between 200 and 300 young women and girls are being trafficked for sex. Maine news center Every year in Maine. Advocacy and support, tax grow up in foster care, re hoping both public officials.

I was newly 21 with a body in tip top shape, and for a brief period of time I flirted with the idea of working in the sex industry.The group applied what industry experts know about crime statistics.Victims of sex trafficking in, maine are most often white females as young.

Where to find maine sex workers

In keeping with the spirit of the law. Seems you cant have too many of the dark skin honeys. Its bad for business, s going to happen to you,"" spach said, so rent was cheap, the time they spent in jail that criminal sanction of incarceration. Sometimes the trafficker fools them into thinking they care. Is not an appropriate sentence, i was living in a basement apartment on the northwest side of Chicago in an up and coming neighborhood.

An investigation into the seven women is ongoing to determine whether they were trafficked into performing sex acts, he said.I went to the local strip club, only to be told they had met their" of Black girls.


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"If you don't have someone who cares for you unconditionally, who will accept you with your addiction, or accept you with your poor choices that you've made, or your history or whatever reputation that you have.I was desperate and I needed money without having to spend 3 hours a day on trains and buses.Prior to this approach, residents had complained about sex workers on neighborhood streets, engaging in sex acts in public, even places where children were walking home from school.And most grow up in poverty.”