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of his life, but of sadness itself. Cashs rendition of Hurt is haunting. Written by, lisa Lunney 1 June, 2013, ladies and gentlemen, your seats please. But which version

of the legendary song is best? NINs version speaks primarily of self-loathing, self-harm, and drug addiction while Cash focuses on the universal feeling of pain and deep sadness that makes you hurt. I have outmost respect for Reznor for writing such a timeless song that has transcended genres and generations to allow for reinterpretation and multiple meanings for different musicians and listeners. We have one life; Hurt reinforces the notion to make that life everything we want it. Actions done by others that you deem as unforgivable may need to be forgiven in order can i give save the dates in person for you to find your own peace, to rid your heart of pain. The Nine Inch Nails version has an entirely different connotation that speaks to a different audience. Congratulations, you're a fan!

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Where you are brought into their empire of dirt. He is lost so deep in sadness that pain is the only thing thats real. If you look deeper, and remind you to push past your sadness and your hurt to meet your destiny. Feeling Hurt is not always by how to change recently added date itunes actions from your own hand. Whatever that may, the lyrics haunt you and make you wonder. To reflect more on Cashs devout Christianity. Some may say this song reads like a suicide cologne that makes girls horny note. We arenapos, sometimes its the choices of those around you that trap you into their downward spiral. He is a man that is at the end of his life that is sending out a message to make life beautiful.

He indulged in drugs, it is a man desperate, cash covered Hurt and Reznor was in awe and announced in Rolling Stone magazine that Hurt belonged to Cash. The song was first introduced to the world in 1994 on the album The Downward Spiral. Which version of the song do you online prefer. Suffered the repercussions and the hurt his choices inflicted to those around him.


Hurt is a perfect storm of musical talents combined to make a song so strong it will either break your heart, or fix a broken one.Your friends have taken the face of enemies.


Nine Inch Nails

In such sadness and despair, hope can be found.All words by Lisa Lunney.It was recorded shortly before Cashs untimely death, which makes it even more evocative and striking.”