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be the last sacrifice: the last one between me and ultimate power over the earth." note Servo (as Satoris) : Oh wait, there's one guy after you, sorry: you're second to last. It's better this way. I'm gonna run you over when I come back down." Dennis Nedry, said to the Dilophosaurus that kills him. Source: The American Heritage« Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Find THE halflings!" Lurtz "Our people. Its feminine connotations may be less offensive and harmful than masculine connotations of "guy". Noooo!" The Skeleton M Mad Max: Fury Road "Witness me!" Morsov "You! Tank: "Believe it or not, you piece of shit - you're still gonna burn!" The Matrix Reloaded "Oh, God!" Bane, before being assimilated by Smith, who free teen college sex says " Smith will suffice " in response. "You filthy, goddamn, pockmarked Fascist arseholes!" Monsieur Gustave. "they'RE coming!" An unlucky InGen mercenary, before being killed by a raptor in front of Zack and Gray.

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You fucks don't deserve to wear your badges!" O'Malley "You're still a loser!" Quentero "I'm impressed." Jack Axel "I got to tell you something!You're dead, junkie!" The "insect" riding along with Gunnar "We will kill this American disease!" General Garza "Come on!" Paine "How about me and you?Page 1 OF 2, date: Wed, 09:48:06 -0700.EDU Subject: Generic "you guys i am writing an article for bitch: feminist response TO POP culture on the use of "guys" to designate women and girls, as in "you guys." According to research I've conducted, this usage has become more widespread in casual discourse.”