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Achievements Must Not Lead to Complacency "Smith, Raymond G" Commentary Education April Weed Control Experience "Rundlett, Edwin" Culture Chloro IPC April A Portland Side Trip Dorothy Dennis Commentary

Iris in their habitat April State Fair Project of esis Irwin. Bernard Barnes Photograph Region teenage anime girl having doggystyle anal sex 23 RVP January B Mrs. Floyd (Betty) Wickenkamp" Obituary April IBopper Lace Leon Wolford Photograph April Bitches Sabbath Bill Maryott Photograph July Fris samariae Virginia Ross Aril Iris Oncocyclus Species July From the Desk of the President Ron Mullin President's Letter July Annual Presidential Letter Ron Mullin President's Letter July. Ghio Varietal Comments October Median Varietal Comment Bee Warburton Median Iris varietal comments October Standard Dwarf Bearded Dwarf Iris varietal comments October Intermediate Bearded Median Iris varietal comments October Boarder Bearded Median Iris varietal comments October Miniature Tall Bearded (Table) Varietal Comments October Irises for. Station." October B Sculptured eggs Photograph October B Larvae of Iris Borer Photograph October Philadelphia Welcomes You in 1970 Edward Murray Garden Review varietal comments October B Collie Terrell Photograph International Iris Competition at Florence winner. Edward Garden Review Varied Comments July The Philadelphia Story Hal Stahly Garden Review July B "Dr. White Hybridizing April "Iris Culture for Amateurs, a Review" Franklin Cook Culture July Foreword. Joe Ghio Convention July B Wakebrobin Photograph Walker Ferguson's Eric Nies Award winner B "Bob Brown, Vernon Wood" Photograph July "Wisconsin Iris Society Proposed Guidelines for Participations Arts and Educational Exhibits, 1969 AIS Convention" Affiliates July Varietal Comments mitg Earl Roberts Varietal Comments July. Currier McEwen, Ken Waite" Photograph Foster Memorial Plaque July B "James Burch, Margaret Connally" Photograph Membership Cup July B "Ken Waite, Philip Edinger" Photograph Distinguished Service Medal July B "Gentle Rain, Mulberry Mist" Photograph July How Can They Do It? Filming began on September 29th, 2016 and wrapped on October 11th, 2016. Randall Registrations/Introductions Revise current guidelines England/USA January Iris in the Northwest. James Sapp Garden Reports July "Iris Comment, 1938" Sherman. Endres, Leonard Fisk, John Fuller" Obituary October "Floy Nelson, Evelyn Northrup, Walter. Randolph and Jyotirmay Mitra Aril Iris better Hybridizing of Arils Apr Arts of iris chromosome from root-tip prep Scientific better Hybridizing of Arils April. Ackermann Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph October B "Marilyn Holloway, Bob Schreiner" Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph October B Alta and Rex Brown Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph October Judges' Choice Awards October Popularity Poll '74 Tall Bearded Symposium Awards October AIS Exhibition Committee Report. Frederick Commentary "voting for Dykes, Bulletins aim" January The Iris - Sold Out Books The Iris-an Ideal Hardy Perennial January Check List Registrations/Introductions a new-revised check list printed January Region Nine Celebrates Jerry Donahue Regional Reports Fall annual meeting January B Dave Hall Photograph January. Tectorum Photograph Spuria July "Growing Spurias in "Cold Country" Spuria Iris July A Mysterious Spuria Jo Baldwin Spuria Iris Turkey Yellow July The World of Irises Thanks You Editor's Letter acknowldegments of new book July The Making of a Kilt Hybridizing Family Tree July.

Photograph" branching, tidbits 29th From New Mexico, hybridizing" Allen Test Gardens October B Walter Welch Photograph October Walter Welch Awarded Foster Plaque Awards October Correction of Minutes Thomas. Coronation dating someone with bpd borderline personality disorder Gold Garden Glor"70 Jay, treatment for Root Rot, dick Reynolds. Sacramento Be"" harold, faught Garden Reports Home of Mrs. Guy Rogers Harry, gardening Knows No Age Limit From Belgium. J" walther Garden Reports getting the hybridizer bug October" Mrs, cLeod, motsch free japanese sex video hd Species Iris October Winter Olympics Photograph October AIS Awards apos.

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S Letter April B azap Allen Ensminger Photograph April Bop Gun Cooleys Gardens Photograph July From the Desk of the President" Jack Durrance, photograph HM B 413B 1 Winter Olympics x M581. Moores Hybridizing Aril Iris April From the Editor Ron Mullin Editorapos. Chadwick Garden Reports video Canada April Seedlings of the High Plains. Photograph Classification Group B" bee Warburton, mrs. Polly Anderson, wisconsi" s Letter April Artistic Evaluation Irene, carney Presidentapos. Opal" brown, waite, s Letter October Atlanta Convention Convention October B AIS Awards apos. Schultz Photograph Region 1 RVP January B" Leo Hazel Stone Obituary April Mrs. Witt Photograph April In memoriam, marion Walker, hale Loraine Teeter Obituary July The Iris Clinic Commentary October Fippling Waters Orville. Arthur Nelson Shows October Exhibition Certificates 1959.


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Caldwell Photograph July Good Bloom Every Year.Kleinsorge Photograph in his garden April The Brown Trail Henry Sass Varietal Comments April Some Notes on Brown Jesse.W E" Shows Japanese January Growing Japanese Irises "Ouweneel, William E" Japanese Iris January Spurias Are Easy to Grow "Owen, Archie" Spuria Iris January Best in Spurias Archie Owen Spuria Iris January Weed Control in Seedling Beds.Noe Awards Numbers that become AM January ykes Medal Vote Awards January.”