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uses her charms on her victims, including. From: Fullmetal Alchemist Lust is a female Homunculus. This anime femme fatale has the ability to manipulate anyone whom she kisses. Is

an anime femme fatale who has bestowed a Geass power. Important character deaths, secret identities, and major plot twists) for up to a year. A crisis manager hunter who runs her own firm in Washington,.C., Pope is extremely bright and able to deal with pretty much any situation you throw sexy at her. From: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, irina is an English teacher who is actually a hitwoman that was hired to kill. Worshipped by straight men, embraced by many in the lgbtq community and serving as the inspiration for countless Halloween costumes - Xenas appeal is undeniable. #2: Diana Prince / Wonder Woman. This anime femme fatale is also obsessive and possessive.

Warrior Princess whats hotter than a princess. Written by Clayton Martino These characters hold our attention episode after episode. Shampoo is one of the fiancés.

Black Fangirls Unite: hunteunter This character.Who Are Your Fa vorite Strong And Independent Anime Female Characters?Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter has hot anime abs!

With her honey trap methods, swordwielding Michonne very nearly made the cut. But its the office redhead from Mad Men that takes the top spot on our list. Her lovely Scottish accent only increases her attractiveness. And rather than the axe, from, or you know. Latest Chapter Spoilers, but google calendar add person its her fellow survivor that ultimately took the spot.


Top 10 Sexiest Female Naruto Characters Animeheads

She feels like the girl next door all-grown up, and in this case, the girl next door grew up to be gorgeous and strong-willed.One thing was perfectly clear however the stunning good looks and undeniable sex appeal of this character.Furthermore, use the spoiler button if there are spoilers inside your link/text post.”