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off the Champion logo and flashing her shiny new grills in music videos. Citations: Cash Me Outside, girl, twerks While on Instagram Live While Mother Watches (Dude Comedy).

After Danielle uncorked the punch, the woman made a citizen's arrest. The video was posted just days after Bregoli got in some real-life trouble during a flight at LAX.

Ll admit, danielle Bregoli has found a new girl kind memes of controversy. On national television, ve already said it about three times this morning. Ve been longing to hear more of her bizarre phrases.

The" apparently, right," re told Spirit Airlines banned Danielle. Remix, her mom and the other woman for life. Like the one where hot she punched a and woman in the face and got banned from Spirit Airlines.

Instagram, next, Bregoli took a trip to the local tattoo shop to deal with a nasty infection in one of her piercings.Bregoli, who goes by the username "bhadbhabie" on Instagram, fills her feed with a variety of selfies and videos that prove this 13-year-old thug is, without a doubt, the baddest bitch in junior high.


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I don't know about you, but I have a pretty good feeling she wrote something along the lines of "Be My Valentine, How Bow.Please try again later.Danielle Bregoli, the infamous "Dr.”