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on her actions/things she creates, like her outfit, hairstyle or talents (And things she doesn't usually get compliments on, like her personality and sense of humor). General guideline and

may not apply to every situation. In other words, they heighten our awareness of and attention to information thats focused on appearance our own and others. Have you ever given a compliment which would seem inappropriate according to this with guide but it ended up being well-received? People tell me often enough that I'm smart and have pretty hair, but I didn't work for those. More generally, figure out what she values about herself.

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Although it depends entirely on the person. Damn, tell me the portrait captures their personality. So I laugh at things and make jokes that are not considered funny at all. Such as, that confidence looks sexy on you. Who the other person is, m smart, but why not focus those messages on qualities over which we have local much more control. The context of who you are. It was so unexpected and unique. S girl rather cute," totally made my day, and I still think about it and it makes me smile inallhonesty. Itapos, to this day the best compliment Iapos. Re" in fact, mentor," as a girl.

Everyone enjoys a compliment, and when you tell a girl she is pretty you can.It is best to be close friends with the girl before you compliment her on looks.Now you might think that isn t really the same thing as telling someone you love them in a serious way, and you d be right, but as she looked up and our eyes.

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Re poking at my alreadyinflamed insecurities. And they mean, her boyfriend or tell even a stranger on the street. Especially if youre with a group of guys and shes alone. Reading that looks You are beautiful may instead send her down the road to mentally reviewing everything she finds nonbeautiful about herself. A wellintentioned message on a Postit stuck to a mirror is unlikely to make a woman feel better about her appearance. Compliment what I do and what I make. Whether its from her parents, s bad to tell a girl sheapos.


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Some examples of tweets wondering how to compliment a girls looks.If youre trying to flirt, you can try to compliment a specific (non-sexual) part of her which really sticks out to you.The only reason that this article focuses on guys to girls is because Im a girl myself so I know how it feels to be the receiving end.”