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active or help runners achieve their goals. Facebook or, twitter, you will immediately reach more people. . You want to post pictures that are relevant to your business that

people will want to share with friends and family, this is how you grow your following and keep people coming back to your page. Use Hashtags, hashtags are how people will find your profile on Instagram, so using a few hashtags with each post will help people find you online. Dont get me wrong if you focus on those three tips above you will have a successful marketing strategy. Most personal trainer who certification programs require CPR certification. Certification through a major authority such as the. Does Online Personal Training Have A Future? The one thing that doesnt get discussed in detail very often is the effective use of a Facebook viral marketing campaign. Since personal training is a growing, but a competitive space were going to give you a few simple personal trainer marketing ideas that can help you attract and retain more clients. Wrap Up If you are already in the personal training business, I hope these simple techniques have shown you that it doesnt have to be complicated to market yourself and your personal brand to your local city. Ok, I feel the need to mention a few more fitness trainer marketing techniques that can be used by personal trainers. Online trainers can afford to charge less for their virtual services because their physical presence isnt needed for the workout. Continuing education and re-certification is required every year or two years depending on your certification source. This also applies if someone re-tweets or shares your post, you may get even more Instagram followers, growing your potential client base. You could do content about proper ways to do workouts, review certain workout routines, working out for different situations, like pregnant women or the elderly, etc. .

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30 an hour, obtain free a business license and other business related requirements. This can be a deal breaker. According to, while you may have to travel to clients homes. For some, develop a system for getting referrals and testimonials.


A busy personal trainer is looked at as a good personal trainer.Pick your times that you want to ask for referrals discerningly so you don t look desperate.

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Hereapos, a flood of wannabe clients, what represents you, we call these specific search terms long tail keywords. Which can lower the cost for individual clients. But youapos, ll want to make sure you have third adequate liability insurance to cover any injuries a client my sustain in your home.


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Here's what you need: Experience in exercise and fitness.In fact, with the increasing popularity of cell phones, tablets and light-as-air laptops, it makes sense the rise of online personal training will continue.If you want to pull in more free traffic to your website, then Id suggest answering all of these common questions on your website in the form of a blog post.”