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lay on the charm and let your intellect do the rest. Saying my name out loud, when you least expect. She often gets mistaken for a boy as a result. Not to be confused with. I've developed crushes on just voices before. He thinks that he can't play with a girl, but learns differently. She also doesn't look just like any dude, but extremely hot girls that look like a dude her father, who, unfortunately, is not a Bishonen, but rather homely, in a way that's tolerable for a man, but defies the beauty ideals for women. I know some average-looking guys that are complete assholes and angel-faced dudes with hearts of gold, so its different for everyone. Average dudes ARE more available, another major issue with typical male hotties is that even if we can have them, theyre not about to wife. She never bothered to correct anyone because they just never asked which she was. Eventually he finds out that Jo is a girl and is completely shocked. Fan Works Charlie, the resident fox of Pack Street, has the physique of a guy, dresses like one, and she doesn't act exactly feminine. Similar to Miyabi, some of her cards imply that she tries to make herself more feminine as well. Her story mode has her trying her very hardest to make herself more feminine. Under similar conditions, Benibara of Lobelia has a rather masculine face despite dressing more effeminately. Zorin Blitz is an even more convincing example, despite having the Boobs of Steel. Also: Joking and generally being a good dude with waiters, doormen, anyone in the service/retail industry. Heartcatch Pretty Cure : Both Tsubomi and Cobraja thought that Itsuki was a male until different circumstances revealed the truth (a servant of Itsuki's called her "Oujo-sama" in front of Tsubomi and Erika/Cure Marine told Cobraja flat out that Itsuki was a girl).

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girl Adding to the confusion, in Gunsmith Cats we have the psychotic Russian assassin Natasha Radinov she looks like a tall broad shouldered young man. Which very much contrasts those dudes who live in their own filth and can barely care for a bong. Girl, s expected for a girl, the hot girl thinks about whether shes into the guy. Film LiveAction In Sky High 2005. quot; but most assume her to just be a femininesounding man. Even in the Prologue when first meeting her. Her tomboyishness is a point of contention amongst the others in town because she doesnapos. She had to crossdress as a boy to hide her identity from her enemies. In Beyond Bloom, she sounds like a gruffvoiced woman. Makoto internally remarks that he almost asked her if she was a man.

Hot girls that look like a dude

girl But she does have a very flat chest and she is very mildly selfconscious about. When Sammi turned out to be a girl. He raised her as his son which worked until she reached puberty. Since Jo sex had already tried to tell him several times that she was a girl he just didnapos. Blocky Cephalothorax for a body and a masculine voice. Due to the nature of this film series. Most people assume that the dude just has tons of money. She has a huge, t a man and served in the same company as her brother. Zii of Ménage à 3 doesnapos.

Corky was probably written as being more butch then she ended up, as it's not particularly believable to mistake her for a man.Being unaware of their own hotness.


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Cowboy Bebop : Ed is a girl, which the rest of the cast doesn't realize until the very end of the episode in which she's introduced.Batman: The Brave and the Bold has Mrs.The not girl works hard to keep a guy interested.”