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The Grim Reaper screws his mother and keeps killing his girlfriend. Or: A bunch of dead people harass a wealthy, reclusive industrialist, depriving him of sleep. While investigating a

murder, the chief of police is possessed by a demon, and chases a bunch of short guys across the continent to recover a stolen painting and prevent the defacement of a historic battleground, while explaining to his son the difference between. Incarceron : A girl dredges up conspiracy theories because she hates her arranged marriage, and a boy goes on a quest to find the outside world because he dreamed it had birthday cake. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : The whole school is endangered by a girl writing in her diary. A dog fails to interfere most of the time. She sets fire to a blizzard and destroys a palace after running around naked. They're still fighting the bloody legions of hell. Mostly Harmless : The ordinary man learns he has a daughter; a reporter helps a group of amnesiacs who become interested in astrology. The Honor of the Queen : Government sends woman on diplomatic mission to a planet full of space Saudis. The Big U : A University professor and his students' lives intersect over an electric fan. "When the People Fell China succeeds in space exploration. No, really, it's better than it sounds. Lake of the Long Sun : The same parish priest and his doctor go on vacation. Plague : The main conflict is a major infestation of pesky insects and the spread of a flu. A policeman has an accident and wakes up in the past. Consider Phlebas : A mercenary learns he has more in common with his enemies than he wants tokyo girl sex to believe. Or: In a world with no emotions an old man touches a boy and teaches him of love and joy. Children of the Mind : A centuries-old war hero tries to protect the cocoon and the tree-pigs as the government prepares to blow up their planet. Also, man with big nose finds out he's the emperor of an empire that he didn't know existed and saves the world from aliens who are enslaved by Hal. In the end, it turns out the victim isn't dead, Star Trek serves as a viable defense mechanism, and a whole lot of ghosts go "Boo!" Cold Days: A man finds himself in a job he doesn't like. Summer Knight: A detective gets involved in an elaborate plot orchestrated by out-of-towners.

The Pinhoe Egg, they trap a researcher in a bottle. A little girl saves her bratty brother and an UpperClass Twit from evil elves. A book on sheep diseases, lots of people think this is a good idea. And the aid of some angry blue midgets. But even then he has a long journey ahead of him. T actually sound that bad, a girl turns into a cat thanks to an ancient Egyptian artifact. A new mother realizes that her kid is just growing up so fast. The Bartimaeus Trilogy, s little sister shares their bridal bed with them because she enjoys the stories and presumably also the sex.

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A young woman fights prejudice against those in her line of work quite literally. Anansi free online sex games mobile Boys, while his dying sister plays telekinesis games with her BFF. The Lady of the Lake, or, itapos. Avalon washing machine hookups hot and cold High, fight Santa Claus, evil Mayans kidnap a child, the Priestapos. I Shall Wear Midnight, is mugged, nearly gets killed by a scorpion. S Tale Guy tries to bring Catholicism to retarded midgets. S daughter by Amelia Earhart, green Sky Trilogy, the ordinary man and his friend the daredevil get stranded on prehistoric Earth with some of the most useless people in the galaxy.

Also, game of dice is forbidden for some reason.With gore and cat sex and marionette corpses and a cat that's basically a Nazi.Captain Underpants : A fat, bald, middle-aged man fights improbable supervillainy, with and/or in his underwear.


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And fights a lot.Anthem : A guy invents the lightbulb, and is exiled for.Battle Royale : Japanese teenagers go on a field trip, discuss their favorite rock-and-roll songs, and violently murder one another.Gods Must Be Crazy : Witch's dead great-grandma turns out to be a god with an attitude.”