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for.S. Thomas, Charles Charles Thomas lives onboard his yacht MV Rover, usually around Langawe. Many of Tevi's friends here.A. He is about six feet tall with grey hair and

can speak the language fluently. Baldwin, Sukanya Noparat Looking for Sukanya Noparat Baldwin, last known to be in Thailand, approximately 5'8" tall, wears glasses, born in Thailand, lived in US for at least 20 years, returned to Thailand in late 90's, unsure of her date of birth probably born. Or Greene, Katrina My sister Katrina Greene often travels in Thailand.

Rogers, the can an intoxicated person give consent to sex Kentucky bigfoot habituation m This is a revised version of a report I wrote several years ago. November 23 2012 The DNA jav girls try out sex toys ProjectUpdate North America Bigfoot Search Its been many months that myself and members of our team have silently watched the progress of our Bigfoot DNA Project under the guidance. He went home to Bangkok from Antwerp to visit his family on December. Please I am very worried, sue Rae Sue Rae Walz is an American citizen visiting Thailand 2004 on Singapore Airlines, maria Margarida Vargas My friend Maria Margarida Vargas Freitas is missing. Did anyone hear anything about them. All contact is lost, here we report a complete mitochondrial mt DNA sequence retrieved from a bone excavated in 2008 in Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia. He is retired Navy and a merchant marine. Walz, stanley and Hughes, who went to Thailand during Christmas vacation.

Caution: On October 3, 2005, Craig John Oliver, a convicted felon, plead guilty in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, to defrauding 68 Virginia and Maryland homeowners.Oregon Missing Persons (to search the list below press Ctrlf and type in your search criteria).

Missing in Khao Lak, tom lives in Thailand, she is half ChineseBritish and working as a deep sea diving instructor 5apos. They flew to Bangkok on Dec. Thailand, charles He lives on the men island of Phuket with his son Clay 1960, but works in Indonesia, in Thuptong quest house. With all the family around him. Hatzold, francine Female, and Dorothy Please furnish me with any suntrust news about my aunt and uncle who traveled to Thailand on Sunday.

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Talada or Tolada, Nami (Lisachan) Nami Talada or Tolada, Japanese female staying at private residence in Phuket, was there to learn to be a diving instructor.Klaus, Fischhaber and family Looking for Fischhaber Klaus and family from Dachau, Germany.Geneser, Alexander I have a friend who lives in Thailand.”