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events bearing on the Regimes efforts in the BW, CW, delivery systems, and nuclear realms and their chronological relationship with political and military developments that had direct bearing on

the Regimes policy choices. The lead production engineer reportedly was insulted by Baqis previous rejection, and refused to do the work. ISG investigations and debriefs with multiple officials reveal that the minimum production diameter of the filament winding machines under development by MIC was 500. A former scientist at the iaec spoke of many scientists leaving the iaec in 1999 because conditions were so poor. Jafar also told debriefers that developing an indigenous carbon-fiber filament winding capability would have been much more useful if Iraq intended to resume a centrifuge effort. However, the primary results of the mission are: Some 66 boxes of documentation and a quantity of electronic media were found, which were handed over to cmpc-B for exploitation post mission. A proposal for a 10-year effort to recruit and train university students was also found at the Technical Research Branch site. Areas or underground facilities (UGFs) flooded with water possibly contaminated with coolant from the damaged reactors were also not visited. Fadil Al-Janabi, sex that he should keep nuclear scientists together at the iaec in order to pool their skills and have them available when needed for starting numerous new projects. Iraq also accepted lower-quality, indigenously produced aluminum tubes for 81-mm rockets in the months before the war despite continued foreign procurement attempts for high-specification tubes. Saddam Husayn ended the nuclear program in 1991 following the Gulf war. Such a facility appears well suited for types of explosives research that could be applicable to conventional military and nuclear weapons research. In the 1970s, through contracts with French and Italian firms, the iaec built facilities at Tuwaitha that, if operational, could have allowed Iraq to attempt to produce plutonium for a weapons program. The purpose of the above equipment and nonnuclear materials transfer was to avoid detection by iaea Action Team-2. In 1992, the MIC took control of this facility, and it was subordinated to the General Establishment for Extraction Operations. ISG exploitation teams visited the site in January 2004 and observed process equipment (tanks, piping, industrial materials, and chemicals) stored at the site but did not uncover any evidence of activities associated with a uranium enrichment program. Table 3indicates the destruction of facilities at the original sites and by whose action. Although portions of this site remained active, ISG has not uncovered any evidence that this site has been used for any fissile material processing since 1991. A former iaec scientist stated that the iaec budget increased through the 1990s in line with standard inflation but then increased sharply beginning in 2000. The acceptance testing by the Iraqi Army occurred around the same time that the Awad Amora deal was being broachedprobably too soon for the new technical drawings from the flow-forming work to be forwarded to prospective foreign suppliers. The status of the facility as of March 2003 is shown in Figure.

Iraq bought large quantities of uranium in various forms including yellowcake and uranium dioxide from several countries. And template it is suggested that the complex may be accepted as clear on the basis. These scientists would participate in research projects that would help them maintain their knowledge of their former nuclear weapons research. As he did with Iraqs BW program. Saddam chose to conceal his big nuclear program in its entirety.

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Piping and material collector assemblies, a senior Iraqi researcher at Ibn Sina stated to an ISG team that. As is the like intended use of the 84mm tubes. Magnet field coils, ovens for hairy vaporizing the UCl4 vacuum systems pumps.


Nuclear Central Intelligence Agency

In his postwar debriefings, Jafar also opined that using 81-mm rockets as a cover story for a centrifuge program would not have been very useful because Iraq had difficulties importing any goods.Nafi Abd Al-Latif Tilfah, Dean of Baghdad Universitys Institute for Laser and Plasma Studies in November, 2003, post-1991 laser research was conducted at several locations including the Baghdad University Institute for Laser and Plasma Studies, the Baghdad University of Technology, Mustansiriyah University, and at the.The SSO was responsible for the removal and packaging of EDC documents and equipment.In August 2003, a former emis scientist told ISG during an interview that he had taken material and equipment that was related to emis and hid them in various places near his home in the 1990s.”