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days ago? A dumpy one-room apartment, origin. Gortys Project facility under Old Haven. Albania's debut entry is a typical europop affair, trans fronted by a dumpy girl in a cheap dress. What really cracks me up about this pic is the dumpy assistant or fan or whoever standing behind her in boat shoes/ fishnets/ denimskirt/ tee and suit jacket. I think it makes me look dumpy. A dumpy woman wearing maid's clothing picked up a load of dirty sheets and carry it to one of the washing machines. GothBoiClique, I don't give a fuck, bitch. Why would I want to kill that dumpy dame?

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Sasha comment on it when leaving the Caravan.Unemployed, dumpy, single, 5'10 and under.A short dumpy woman appeared from behind the counter.British World English dumpy adjective (of a person) short and stout.”