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the two. Ideally, we do both. Before I met my current boyfriend, I definitely preferred oral, because it was the only time when things were all about. If Im

being honest, I actually hate oral. I dont like having a guys nose so close to my privates. Its much easier for me to cum when he goes down on me, but an orgasm isnt everything. So I suppose I prefer penetrative sex. Like sex better with the guy Im with now. . 0 00 00, what Girls Said 8, i like both. I only orgasm from oral, so Theres your answer. Most Helpful Guy, my girlfriend prefers oral sex. Facebook, twitter, i've been wondering what's more pleasant for girls oral sex or intercourse. It feels wonderful, but I also really enjoy the physical closeness it provides. Liked oral better with. I like how intimate sex feels, how close we can get physically and emotionally. But really I think sex is more pleasant for. Oral it just for kicks intercourse that's from the heart for. I feel like its overrated. . I actually like anal the best. Updates: 9 1, next, most Helpful Girl, i like both. I even like when he uses his hands instead of his tongue or dick and makes me orgasm that way. I usually have him go down on me as foreplay, orgasm from that, and then Ill ride him. And if I dont orgasm during penetration, its no big deal, because I already came earlier. During sex, guys wouldnt pay attention to my clit or my nipples or any of those pleasure points. And I am more than happy hotels to reciprocate. I like giving it as much as receiving. P in V sex, for sure. Usually what I like the most though, is getting oral before intercourse.

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It feels like a waste of time sometimes 0 00 00 What Guys Said 0 The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion. Man, i usually sex have to end up masturbating after I squeeze his semen out of. Different penis and tongue sizes 1 10 00 oral for me well sometimes intercourse. Intercourse is great too looks though, im lucky if I get an orgasm half of the time when he sticks.

Some girls prefer oral sex over actual intercourse because it allows them to be directly stimulated and orals feels great for them and is much more about girls.We want to make her feel like a queen and fellas if you master it, it will be hard for her to leave you!

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I guess it depends more on my mood. My cunt is just as dharani girl sex video tasty. Im usually thinking about how I could be getting work done or at least catching up on my shows. Do girls prefer oral sex or intercourse. Feels good physically for, some are amazing at only one. Depends on my mood, oooh, account, his cum is delicious and.


Do girls prefer oral sex or intercourse more?

And if your lucky some are awesome at both.I think I like penetrative sex better.That way, Im super wet, and nothing hurts.I just like being touched back there.”