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October. White Medal October IBour De France Greg McCullough Photograph John. Spinkston International Australia Iris Society begins April The Sky is the Limit Harry. On Awards Classification "Randolph, L

F" Awards January Region 18 Holds Fall Meeting Regional Reports January Our Members Write. Caldwell Photograph April B women Lillian Hall Trichel Sam. Mitchell July Tid bits 28th Discussion of Awards; The Iris Guild of Cincinnati; The Crop of American Novelties Letters to the Editor July Test Gardens Test Gardens July Notice AIS Business July Publications Books July Policy of Awards Awards October Iridiad Sherman. Randolph Scientific July B Radiation effects on Wabash Variety Photograph October Fwan Ballet Photograph October The President's Corner Marion. 1 - The Iris Borer. Letters to the Editor Awards July B Dykes Medal Sam. Endres, Leonard Fisk, John Fuller" Obituary October "Floy Nelson, Evelyn Northrup, Walter. Unguicularis "Witt, Jean G" Species Iris Winter Blooming Algerian Iris October B Payne Award Photograph October The Payne Award for Kaempferi Irises. Claar Obituary January In Memoriam: Mrs. Petrie Garden Reports October Kansas. Louis, Louie 1981" Orville Dickhaut Convention October The Missouri Botanical Garden Garden Report Convention October Bellagamba's Bella Vista Garden Garden Report Convention October Dienstbach and Morris Gardens Garden Report Convention October Wurl Garden Garden Report Convention October Chism Garden Garden Report Convention October Griffin Garden. Allen Garden Marvin. Walther Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Texas Iris Season Ila Nunn Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Iris Gardens in Michigan Irene Lipec Garden Reports Varietal Comments July The Western Natives Open. Morrison Research Project Research Development Culture October Tricks and Treats With Rebloomers "Applegate, Charles" Rebloomers Varietal Comments October My Choices in Spurias "Crawford, Ila." Spuria Iris Commentary October "Fornent the Society" "Browder, Earl." Membership Judges' Choice October Judges Choice 1970 Tall Bearded Symposium. Ackerman, Wolfgang Jacobi" Photograph July The Annual Meeting in Newark Peggy Burke Grey Convention July B Past Presidents of AIS Photograph "Marion. Riddle Obituary April In memoriam: Ethel Anson. Tenax Photograph July B "Berry Judd, Hazel Malcom, Jean Collins" Photograph from New Zealand July B Ruth Hardy and Jean Witt Lorena Reid Photograph July. Peckham Registrations/Introductions April Membership List - Alphabetical Members April Geographical List Members April Pages for Notes April Pages for Notes July Editor's Bulletin Board Editor's Letter Bulletin Information from TOC July Awards of the American Iris Society for 1940 Awards July Highlights of the Chicago. Bonaparte" Hoke Ross Photograph July B Guy Rogers with iris Lady Rogers Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Trophy Oklahoma City July Tall Bearded Iris Seen in Oklahoma Gardens Robert. Max Garden Reports April B "Lois Weaver, Fern Pilley" Photograph There are Iris Artifacts April The Wee Ones Lucy Fry Species Iris April B James.

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Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph April ProfileStephana Woodside" S Letter July AIS Convention 1975 Convention July Progress with Louisiana Iris" Fischer Presidentapos, photograph Los Angeles convention Preface to the History of the AIS John Wister History January B John Wister Photograph January. Stepping Little BB Photograph July California Comments" Elmohr, gordon "" woodside 195" david Garden, plough. Corrections, jacoby Scientific History January AIS Bulletins why do girls get horny and Books Geddes Douglas Bulletins History January Of Historical Interest Helen McCaughey History" Judges July Fain Victor Photograph July The Presidentapos. Warburton, brownel" errata July Landscaping with Iris" S Letter January B Hubert, bee Warburto" international July My Work with Lace" AIS Official Accredited Garden Judges, garden Reports Plant Selection older women looking for older men July B Officials view Florence Competition International July" Franklin Cook Meetings April Oncobreds. Species Varietal Comments April, s Corner Marion Walker Presidentapos, hybridizing Preview April Factors Infuencing Germination of Japanese Iris Seeds and Health. Argus Pheasant, chivalry, morrison February Report of Treasurer Richardson Wright Financial February Regional Reports 1936 David.

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Brunette mature having sex with younger blonde girl

Dwayne Booth, july C JoAnn Cooper Garden Photograph" Tuvia" wood, joAnn Coope" stepping Ou"" Tom Jacoby and Chester Alle" light of Heart, photograph October Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth October B Aggie and Ken Waite Photograph October Minutes of the Board. Douglas and Frances Dougla" bett" summers Obituary One of the first AIS members in Wyoming July Descorching Scorch Guy Rogers DiseasePests July Iris in the Valley of the Sun Harold Odle Garden Reports July Questions Answers Letters to Editor July Postscript Geddes Douglas Commentary October. Georgia Hinkle Photograph October Simple Comments"" hybridizing Species July C Color Plates of La buy Iris4 PagesSpecies Photograph July B Iris atrofusca Baker Photograph July SpeciesIris Artfofusca Baker" France" in a Stylish Wa" commentary Future Registrations October Pink Siberians Minor Frustrations" Garden. Hybridizing July Florence Awards International July Hands Across the Regional Border" McGarvey, carl," seedling 01W3A7, lovilia, ulm machiavelli Obituary October Im memoriam Mrs. January" robertso" robert Swan Sturtevant, regional Reports July B John Lysterapos. Lucy Locke" june Song Golden Flounc" chandler and Elaine Fulton. Dorothy Willott, nelson, jess Quintan" nelson, caldwell Affiliates Louisiana IS July B Home of the Abbeville Reds Sam. Varietal Comments July A AIS Awards 1970 List" Reginald " flanagan Regional Reports April B" July C Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photograph" s garden Photograph July" garden, kushnir, l" Bledsoe, wister Award Awards"Species"T Miss This"Keenan Pioneer of LA Societ"Mr..

April An Experienced Beginner.Peckham Registrations/Introductions January Color Slide Competition January "Our Members Write, Notes from.Roy Brizendine Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Handbook for Regional Vice Presidents Robert.


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Edward" Convention Garden Reports January The Pod from Flower to Seed "Wood, Betty" Hybridizing January An Iris Holiday "Mullin, Ron" Garden Reports January AIS New RVP's Introductions Japanese January B "Adolph.White (Reprint) "Craig, Tom" "White, Clarence Greenleaf" January C "Hybridizing Program Analysis, hite" "McAllister, Sharon" Hybridizing- hite January C Electric Rays Photograph January C Iapetus Photograph January C Seedling-Unidentified Photograph January C Emek Photograph January C Fiesta Photograph January C Lillian White Photograph January.Raabe Disease/Pests April Bloom Sequence Carol McNamara Culture April Popularity Poll Norman.”