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possible; I wasnt able to find a company or person who owned a gas chromatograph. This version is the very best, as was intended by the perfumer.

Void Math (Prequel) Complete No (Rose River AU Origin) Complete The Desert of San Helios ( The Planet of the Dead ) Complete Athenaeum ( Not a Special ) Complete Martian Waters ( The Waters of Mars ) Complete Four Five Six ( Children. The French Eau Extreme and the English Extreme Fragrance had both been placed on the same front side, and the list of ingredients had been moved to the back of the box. It was developed and spoken in tightly-knit Italian communities and neighborhoods. This is the recalibrated and lighter version'. This happened already since April 2014 judging by the batchcode, but it only became clear to me this week when I visited a local perfume store and suddenly noticed a new tester at the Guerlain section. Name: Linstant de Guerlain pour homme eau extrême. My Whovian stories do not involve the Ponds, nor will they. Theres one critical remark that I can make at my own research: In the course of 2013 I felt that I had investigated this perfume more than enough, so I didnt professionally test any bottle/vial bearing a batch code indicating post March 2013. Perhaps Linstant de Guerlain pour homme eau extrême was reformulated again between April by current Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser in an attempt to restore the smell where possible. Its sad seeing the beautifully historical Maison Guerlain being cornered between the ifra and lvmh. This unique main accord can only be fully detected and appreciated along with the other meticulously integrated notes - a little lemon and bergamot, drops of jasmine oil, hibiscus seeds, lapsang tea, sandalwood etc. It doesnt mean that the materials used derive from one specific year (like with wine that it automatically represents a certain quality, or that is has to have a certain age before it can be labelled as vintage. ) kay-preh-KAA chiove raining ( fa piove ) kyoh-vay chiove troppassai its raining very hard ( fa piove molto ) kyoh-vay-troap-aa-SAI chooch jackass ( ciuccio ) chooch chunka injured ( ciuncare ) choon-kuh cing-u-bezz/cing u bezz five dollars apiece ( cinque un pezzo ) cheeng-oo-betz.

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I try to always utilize the Tuscan Italian (the official dialect on which the modern Italian language is based) as a guide to spelling, using commas for dropped vowels.) maa-KAY-quest maddiul/mariul fool/rascal ( mariolo ) maa-dee-OOL maliocch the evil eye ( malocchio ) maal-yoak mamaluke idiot/fool ( mamalucco ) maa-maa-louk mannaggia damn/cursing ( male ne aggia/male ne abbia ) MAA-NAA-juh mannaggia dial curse the devil ( male ne aggia il diavolo ) MAA-NAA-juh-dee-owl.Linguistically, a language is a complete form of communication, but American Italian is actually an incomplete language (a pidgin language) that needs to be supplemented with Italian (or English or both) in order to function.I doubt that this happened, but in truth I cant comment on it since I didnt professionally test any of the perfume from this period.”