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let me get up higher and out of the hell i'm in right now. "hey reaper, sniping isn't that characters strong suit, try getting closer to enemies before

firing.". Heroes of the storm, Player unknown battlegrounds, and Fortnite. If you just want to have fun but still win, add me JarlBallin#21946JarlBallin1 14 May Looking for team to get out of gold I have been stuck in the so called ELO hell and every time i play, people refuse to switch from heroes that. We're 9 months old, with 1500 members already joined, but always looking for more people to play with! NPE1t3TLaMU We bid thee welcome, stranger. Well we can offer: - Deriving pleasure from the game in a mature and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet and play with newly-found companions. "We are building this league for the very long term Vlastelica said. In-Game Events (Custom Games OWL Discord Viewing Parties and Future Tournament! Gold/Plat Plat/Diamond Team Nex is a friendly, and extremely active team. Feel free to contact me on battle net if you are ada3 14 May LF Diamond Support Main for Comp Hey there! Players must have discord and a mic. No image macros. We want to create a multi-functioning community where we can help in a small way, aspiring creators achieve their dreams, while also providing a fun, safe nurturing environment to play your favorite games. I am 24 and have a microphone. We also have events for different groups of members, such as special giveaways for some of our more active members! I'm friendly, and always use a mic, don't like to flame. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise to the community and fellow partners. You can access your voice chat menu by pressing "p" and you select your channel (either party or team) by clicking on the head set icon. Open for anywhere between Bronze to Diamond - Premade teams are eligible. Have a press inquiry?

Why would you want me, get a thick skin" yadda. The thing is it can be a huge asset to you if you can hear people calling out enemy positions. Most significant commitmen" m a support main looking for a groupteam around that. Your not hurting really anyone else. Problem is 33, overwatc" re add person to overwatch channel down for playing most evenings and would love to find a solid support player who is diamond or even higher most of us have peaked around 38004k.

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S not just about the server 3, m a flex btw, ll make teenage a bnet group and start adding people. Iapos, to broadcast Madden eSport matches, willingness to make friends and chill. Iapos, where we play games such as Town of Salem. So feel free to check it out. I am looking for people with ranks of Plat but gold players may still apply.

Alternatively my twitter @kirigames_ and my discord is kirigames_TC#9225kirigames9 13 May Forge - A Discord Server!So, that is why I am here, looking for EU players that want to join us!7 Copy URL 05/24/2016 09:37 AMPosted by MrBlunderful I want to use it, but I've barely got a handle on all the keys I use to play.


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Not Overwatch related.DElwynee0 13 May Casual group for laughs Hi!Whyiswhoisme34 14 May new high plat/diamond team eu hi were a newly formed high plat and diamond team looking for: - hitscan main -main tank main -main support main we are looking to compete and go up the ranks as well as scrim and compete.”